The Journal of Play in Adulthood aims to provide a multidisciplinary open access forum dedicated to the discussion of play and playfulness in adults. The focus of this journal is on play in adulthood to explicitly distinguish it from children’s play, and to highlight that the motivations, contexts, and forms of play are, in many cases, different. It aims to increase understanding of the need for, and benefits of, play and playfulness after childhood, and to create a robust evidence base for the value of play throughout the life course for learning, working, and living well. It also seeks to explore the barriers to the use of play with adults, and potential solutions to increasing the role of play in lifelong education, the workplace, and wider society.

Special issue on designs for playful learning

Editors: Alex Moseley (Guest Editor), Rikke Toft Nørgård (Guest Editor)


A dialog on reclaiming higher education as a space for play

Patric Wallin, Kristi Larsen Mariussen, Håkon Mogstad and Maud Sønderaal

2021-10-04 Volume 3 • Issue 2 • 2021 • Designs for playful learning