New issue!

New issue!

Posted by Andrew Walsh on 2022-03-30

We've a new issue out today with 4 peer-reviewed articles! 

First up is the very timely "Changes in the play lives of college students during the early COVID-19 pandemic lockdown" exploring changes in the "lived play experiences of college students" in pandemic lockdown.

Next we move away from the pandemic, with Robyn & Tori "Exploring the Connection between Adult Playfulness and Emotional Intelligence" in their study that used the Schutte Self Report Emotional Intelligence Test and The Adult Playfulness Trait Scale.

Dawn & Alex discuss how research can be looked at through the lens of play, suggesting that playfully looking at research could bring benefits (and I think they are considering proposing a future Special Issue on playful research?).

And finally (for now!) we have Kim with a fascinating look at how playful learning can be perceived in Danish social education and teacher education

We hope you enjoy reading the articles.


New issue